Monday, June 9, 2014

check out this new demo by cool band mtdcb!

MTDCBOfficial - YouTube

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

kileing DGW the so bad dark divoloted guy in the presidentsy

i said dye by my hand soevil digi guy of presidentsy digivovled digi blast bye my didgi ora!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i kiled him to deth of him

Thursday, April 11, 2013

comeing back and finding the digisploded bodey of slenderspy

i said to Digislayer and Alex Spectre and Showtime the Beast and Digizeke Digistrahm Me and Max Stanforth and now also DigiFisk! "i havnet herd from slenderspy in so long tiems and so i need to check on him in revolushunairy times by guys oh and call to me if you get an update for us going to the digipentagon!" i made a timespacedigi portal to the revolushunairy times of the past and came to a fort of DGW beeing in i said "wow sobad damedge to it like a big fite going on!" i went into the fort and under the rubbel of it was so sploded burned SlenderSpy bodey and i said "oh no!" and he was ded and nun liveing than i herd "hahahahhaha i killed the so stooped guy hoo thote for killing me!" and i sed "why did you do that and nown kill SlenderSpy?" DGW said he attaked me dont you reed his blog" i said "no one does!" and than i so powered up to digivoluted form bio hibrid form "ahhahahhah havnet fote so long digimonths  lets do it! youll pay for killing him" and i chardged forwerd and said "digi mega hurter attak!" and smashed him with my digi power and he was in an digi crater and jumped out "if no more freedum of speech dum and silent we led like ALEXSHELPERs to a slotter. megadark digiblast!" he blasted at me but my digiaura stoped it in its traks...

more comeing later.....

infiltrateing into the British armie for fiteing agenst the DGW guy

i said "hey british comander guy can i join into youre armie" the british comender said "hey wahts up and youre doing for it why shuld i let you?" i said "wach this! digi burst power up!" and he said "wow so power ok your in!" and i joined into there armie and we martched to the fort were trying to take and i said "ok wahts battel plan for fiteing this comander guy?" and comander guy said "were gonna fite the armeys of americans and kill George Wahsingtun!" i saw american armeys and said "hey there they are!" comander guy "chardge!" i said battel crie "AAAAAHHHHH" and i went into the crowd of american soldiers and i engajed camo for hideing and i sneeked over for George Washingtun and i got itno the fort and i saw George Washingtun and he said "hahahaha i see you!" i said "im not hideing from you no more! digiblaster assalting attak!" i disengajed camo and blasted him with digi bursts and he went flying back and i said "like my digi burst form?" DGW said "it is nun possibel to govver a nation without gods and bibels and youre dying!!! digi bayenett stabber assalt!" he made his bayenett so covered in dark digi power and did a stabbers at me and i did a digi dodge from the way and made it out from his attak and DGW said "the time is neer are hands we must termine for are beeing free man or slaves to digi tearannie i choose digi tearannie hahaahhaha! ultra digi blast!" i said "woa!" and i dodged out of the way just in time for not dying but got blasted back and slammed too the wall and i than said "digi assalting fiter shoot!" and i blasted some digi energy balls at DGW like if they were masheen gun blasted and DGW did flipping ninja dodjes from them and than i said "digi EBN!" and i covered my EBN with digi energy and i said "slash attak!" and


hi its the guy ALEXSHELPER i haked into this slenderspie blog to give you so bad news i found this unposted or nown into draft form on this blog hear and so im posting it for slenderspy or akchuallie his memorie bicause hes got megasploded by DGW in revolushunairy times i manedged to kill DGW for slenderspy more news comeing....

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

terorgateing George Bush the so evil Nazi leeder guy

Me said to Sam "hey so is them Nazi Germanie Times all fixed up?" Sam said "yeah we sent so much Russhins into Germanie and they blasted and sploded all them Nazis and the Nazi gave up." "ok so waht about George Bush?" "Sam said hes not taking and giveing informashun in are terorgashun..."  i said "ok ill got ways to make him tak with a terorgashun of me on him hahhahah" and i waked into the terorgateing room and said "hi Goerge Bush Nazi guy hows going for it?" George Bush said "hahahhahha you can never make me tak dumb slender risistense guy and the slenderspirasy allys of mine are prabubly comeing hear rite now" i said "hahhaha you just did tak and this base were in is compleetly untraseable..." i took out my EBN and said "we can make this hert an so huge much" and George Bush said "im not taking!" i said "darn that dident work" and i put away my EBN and i said "tell me why the slenderspirasy guys need Nazi Germanie to be controled so much!" George Bush said "hahhahahahhah" and than i punched him in the fase and i said "tell me" George Bush said "nope" and than i said "ok ill go get the tortchurer..." George Bush laffed agen and i kicked him and waked from the room and said to Sam "i cant do it anyway wahts my nekst assinement?" Sam said "we deesided to send you to fite DGW the war onto him his not going so good... well send you there and onto the British side of the fite and youll fite his armys and kill the than get to DGW and ssassinate him to no liveing" i said "ok" and i left for Revolushunairy Times....

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nazi Germanie Times PartE

Gerorge Bush cahrdged too me and said "you know one of the hardest parts of my job is to connect irack to the war on teror but anyway that doesent mater preepair to bee annyilaited!!!" and he started shooting wile he was running and he neerly blasted me but i jumped from the way of his energy blasts and made a digi energy grenaide and i said "dye buy my digienergy sploshun attak!" and i through the grenaide at him and it bloo him up and threw the roof of the bulding and than jumped up too the the roove with him and assalted him so hard with my EBN but than he said "energy all a round me unleesher blast!" and he blasted so much digi energy from all around him and blasted me back and than he made a digi energy blade and chardged so fast and i had to so quick stop him and i said "digi sheeld!" and i made a sheeld of digi energy form a round me and block his slashe and than i made my own slashe from my EBN and i got him and he was protected by his digi aura but he jumped back bicause he coud feal it weekening and he said "you have none disregardeing for humen life so now die! digi nuke HSW WHD sploder!!" and he put his arms over his head and started makeing a so hudge digi energy ball of it and i said "no your going to kill so maney peepel!" and i chardged at him but as i was chardgeing he said "digi blast!" and he blasted soem of the energy from the nuke at me and it blasted me back with so power! i said "oh no!" and than i had a idea and i engajed my camofladge and i started spie sneeking and George Bush said "were did you go stooped spie guy?!?!?!??!!?"and i sneeked up beehind him and said "RITE HEAR!" and i did a stelther sneek attak with my EBN and did so much bigest damedge and he lost his chardged up nuke energy and i said "now for you fiteing like a man and not nukeing me! digi energy hiper blast!" and i made a beem of digi energy into his chest and it hit him so hard he weant of the roove and flying and i shooted him with my dessert eegel into him so manie tiems and than i jumped of the roove after him and i was falling after him and i said "digi diver attak!" and i smashed into him and smashed him into the ground and than i feeled his protecter aura brake and so i said "digi mode disengaje!" and i punched in the fase until he was nunconshus and i put him into handcufs and i called Sam and said "ok too things to bee saying 1 is George Bush and me is reddy for extrakshun and 2 is we have a spie from the Slenderspirasy in the Slenderrisistense!" Sam said "oh no! ok comeing for extrakshun" and i wated for Sam too come.....

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nazi Germanie Times Part Tres Hhahahahaha Chyneese Langwidge Word For Three

i so qwiet snuck too the base and got up beehind the too Super Evolution/Matrix Evolution/Perfect Evolution/Warp Digivolution gards and used an trankulizer gun to there heds bicause even if thier so digivolvuted like them is they can still be so easey nocked out and than i snuck into the base of George Bush the new evil Nazi leader guy and i herd voises and i stoped moveing and hid into the corner with all the shadows bicause thats wear my invisble camo works the best and i saw that the peeple talking were George Bush and one of his gards George Bush said "hey so make sure to put maney extra gards onto the digivolver room in the back of the base" the gard said "ok sir!" and he ran away to get some gards for garding the room and George Bush said to hiself "my so secret spie in the slenderrisestense said that they sent someone hear to kill me cant have them be steeling powers from me... waht if they were lissening rite now hahhahahah that wouldnt hapen hahahahha" and i thote to miself "ohno theyve got a spie in us! i need to tell Sam wehn i get out of hear!" and than i thote "ok time for sooper spie steeling powers!" and than George Bush went too his offise and i snuck down to the back of the base to find the digivolvuter room and thier were 20 gards garding the digivolvuter room and i said ok this is time for this! and i threw an qwiet flash grenaide down the hall and they all got distrakted by it and i snuck into the digivolver room and i herd them all say "must be getting tired" and go back to garding the door and i thote "hahahahh they dident discover me my plan worked!" and i looked at the masheens and picked the one for haveing the same digivolution as George Bush and the digivolution messed up and i dident become Hyper Bio Extra Evolution and instead i became aibell to Burst Digivolve or nown gane some extra so powers but the digivolver masheen eksploded and made so much noize and i coudent redigivolve to more powerful and i said "oh well this will have to do now for going to fite George Bush!" and than i herd "what was that noize it sounded like a sploshun from the digivolver room!" and i said my code words for aktivaeting my digivolved burst form hears waht i said and they are "Charge! D.N.A. Burst Mode!" and i came so digivolved energy up and Geroge Bush smaeshed threw the wall and said "Oh no were not gonna to have any casualties bicause your so week and gonna get kiled!" and i said "hahahha yeah rite wach this DIGI DNA BLASTER ATTAK!!" and i shot my digi enetgy into him and he went flying threw the wall and i said "wow so way much power! but it wont be eazy he s much powerfuller then me still!!" and i jumped threw the wall and took out my EBN and said "hahahha luncher slasher assalt!" and i started slasheing at him so fast as faster then nurmel humen eye can even see! but he jumped up and out of the way and said "You misunderestimated me"and he said "digiblasteing firer gun assalt!" and his hands turned to enurgy assalt riffels and he shotted at me so much with digi enurgy bulletes and i jumped from the way and he was quiker and manedged to get some hits into me but i got so much luckie and my digi aura blasted me but i felt it weeken and i blasted a digi enurgy ball at him and he was distrakted and so i EBN slaeshed at him and cut his aura and than i said "hahhahah got you dumb Nazi Slender Guy!" but anyway this post is long so:

Too Bee Continyooed.............